The Sulforma ‐ Consulting and Business Management Ltd, is a young company that has been growing and solidifying its business, improving in terms of physical structure by opening branches across the country. Diversified geographical radius of action to respond to a wider range of needs and cover hot spots of our country.

We have a large team of developers with proven experience in the field of Training and Human Resources, which offer guarantees of competence and work appropriate to the real needs of the client organization.


Corporate object

  • Realization of investment projects in the area of management;
  • Promotion and implementation of vocational training projects co‐financed and private;
  • Conducting market research and economic viability;
  • Preparation of applications for EU funds;
  • Business consulting;
  • Provision of services in the area of accounting and taxation (not legal);
  • Provision of services in marketing and advertising.



We intend to be a reference to the national level, by stimulating the creation of a total learning environment, in which awakens the desire to know and learn more.



Developing the skills of people, promoting organizational development, through continuous improvement of services provided to customers.

Training Areas

Sulforma is a certified training provider and promoter. Some of our training areas:
Behavioral, Computer Science, Legal Matters, Supervision of the organization/company.

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