Our values guided behaviors in a certain line of conduct, by which we distinguish three types of values:


  • Fairness: we base our business on uniform criteria and equality;
  • Impartiality: we are fair and free;
  • Integrity: we act in a clear, transparent, honest and direct. Professionals



  • Quality: We are guided to the satisfaction of the people and for the improvement of processes, toward the achievement of expected results;
  • Innovation: we aim to create, redesign or improvement of new processes and organizational products with added value for the organization and for the employees;
  • Sharing: disseminate knowledge and experiences between all our partners.


Connected to persons

  • Trust: we believe in the capabilities and commitment of the people, stimulating their potential to evolve personally and professionally.
  • Loyalty: interact with discretion and respect our commitments, respecting the rights of customers, creating bonds of trust with people
  • Empathy: people understand and generate greater proximity and involvement in our projects.

Training Areas

Sulforma is a certified training provider and promoter. Some of our training areas:
Behavioral, Computer Science, Legal Matters, Supervision of the organization/company.

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