Guiding Principles

Innovation and quality are the key to the effectiveness and efficiency of the projects we develop, assuming as the guiding principles of our activity:

  • Continuous learning: creating a virtuous circle between the accumulated knowledge and learning (professional practice and management of error and unforeseen) and its introduction in the process of improvement;
  • Accuracy: ensuring coherence between the work and the predefined objectives;
  • Accountability for project: it is the best way to mobilizing the energy, talent and creativity, motivating employees to contribute new knowledge and put in question habits and routines;
  • Teamwork: allow the generation, acquisition and knowledge sharing, disseminating and fostering mutual knowledge and skills among all, prioritizing and developing partnership networks;
  • Self‐evaluation: determine clearly the strengths and areas where improvements can be achieved. It also allows the planning of measures to improve the implementation of which will later be controlled in order to evaluate progress.

Training Areas

Sulforma is a certified training provider and promoter. Some of our training areas:
Behavioral, Computer Science, Legal Matters, Supervision of the organization/company.

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